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Date Posted:06/13/2009 02:28 AMCopy HTML

Surname: Tullett

<!--diPageBody start-->This ancient English surname is unusual in that it has a female origin. It derives from the pre 8th century female personal name 'Matilda'. 'Matilda' translates as 'the mighty battle maid', a striking description which no doubt accounted for much of its popularity in the period known as the "Dark Ages", that is to say before the Norman Conquest of 1066, and before the introduction of surnames. Matilda was so popular that it rapidly developed many short or nickname forms. These include Tilda, Tilla and Tulla, and these became surnames in their own right. As part of the surname development diminutives such as "Petit Till" (Tillett) or Petit Tull (Tullett), followed closely afterwards. Early examples of the recordings include George Tillote of the county of Suffolk in the year 1303, and John Tillet of Suffolk in 1685. Joseph Tullet emigrated to the new colony of Virginia in 1635, making him one of the earliest of recorded settlers in the New World. The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of George Tillote which was dated 1279 The Pipe Rolls of Oxford during the reign of King Edward I The Hammer of the Scots 1272-1307 Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.
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Re:Tullett Coat of Arms & History

Date Posted:06/13/2009 02:31 AMCopy HTML
Until my Grandfather and his brother, joined to Army all my ancestors were known as Tulett. The entire family were from the three villages of East, West and South Harting in Sussex on the Hampshire border. I have documentary evidence that will trace them back to 1791, but the important thing is the family never moved from the villages mentioned, apart from the odd exception. There were many hundreds of TULLETT families fairly close by in Surrey and the other side of Sussex but my family were unique inasmuch as they were 1 L and not 2. Despite all the variations i.e. Tulip, Tulitt etc we were always one L only.
Also in the village was a baptism record for a female named TULIT in 1699 but that is the earliest record I can find in the village.
As a kid my name was often pronounced Chew'let. The many TULETT's in the Chichester area still pronounce their name as Chew'let. The Chew is pronounced as the French pronounce the town of Tulle in France. From somewhere during my research I was informed that "ette" is placed after a person's town to denote that the person is from that town. Therefore a person from TULLE would be known as TULLETTE. I believe it possible that people from TULLE came over with the French Huguenots in the 17th century.
In SE France near the town of Drome there is a vineyard by the name of Tulette. Wine from this vineyard can often be found on the shelves at Sainsburys. I have also had wine from this store with the name of Toulette stamped in the cork rather than on the label.
Also in the South of France, in Cahors, there is a monument to a number of school children killed during the war by the Germans. There are three TULET's mentioned.
So there it is. Nothing scientific, just speculation in the main. All my research was 10 years ago and more information may now be available.
I would like to keep in touch and would appreciate knowing if this information is of any use to you.  
----- Original Message -----
From: Diane
Sent: 11 October 2002 01:45
Subject: [Tullett] Re: The Sussex Tulett's

I would be most interested to know where you got the information
alluding to a french connection to the tullett name.  My late
grandfather and his ancestors were believed to come from France to
Canada.  His last name was Toulette. Hardly any information can be
found on this surname.  I know from records that he also used the
sirname Tullette.  Using that name I still found no information.  In
my search I did find that there are a few people who exist with the
Toulette variation.  Any thoughts.
--- In Tullett@y..., "stanlesley" <setullett@n...> wrote:
> A short while ago I found Andrew's web page - now 24 hours later I,
> and my wife, are asking where the Bank Holiday Monday has gone. A
> hours sleep, a couple of snatched meals and the threat of divorce
> reminded me of the pull of genealogy.
> Dear All,
> I hope I have joined up and booked in correctly other wise my
> will be spinning around the stratosphere for the next couple of
> thousand years or so. Still here goes;
> The information contained within Andrews web page was incredible,
> amount of information was awesome and whoever put it together has
> admiration and grateful thanks.
> Some years ago when my Father and his Brother were unable to agree
> the name of their Father I decided to research The Tree – and what
> fascinating subject. I will not go into too much detail until I
> that the Web site is still visited but, some basic information
> includes;
> Until my Grandfather joined the Army in about 1910 the family name
> was TULETT, apart from some minor spelling mistakes going back to
> mid 16th Century if I remember rightly.
> I have documentation back to the marriage of John Tulip and Mary
> White in 1/11/1779 confirming my line and what made my search
> relatively easy was that unless you were a Tulett in the village of
> Harting (Sussex/Hampshire border) you were unlikely to be connected
> to my line until after 1930.
> I have always felt there was a French connection and I have some
> evidence that support the theory, some of which Andrew has touched
> in past entries although the iron works is an interesting and a
> scientific suggestion.
> Forgive me if I have gone on too long but that is what this
> fascinating subject does to me!  
> Regards to all and thanks for reading thus far,

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Re:Tullett Coat of Arms & History

Date Posted:06/13/2009 02:35 AMCopy HTML
Posted by: David Ian TullettDate: March 11, 2001 at 09:02:58
 <input size=5 value=1896 name=num> of 11161 <input type=submit value=Go>

<!--body: begin-->My family name is Tullett and I think we were Huguenots from France.Help needed please, how do I find out this information are they Lists of people that came over to England.I would love to Find them. Thanking You. David I Tullett

<!--body: end-->

There is an article entitled "Which surnames are Huguenot names?" at the following address:
which you may find useful. On the same web-site there are surname lists but TULLETT does not feature amongst them.

I've heard of a Huguenot connection suggested with the surname TULLETT because of the double 'L' and 'T', but when these double letters appears is not clear.

The spelling of TULLETT varies in Parish Records for the same family so that the double letters may be a more recent occurence.

I've looked at several lists available on the internet, e.g. the ones at:
and have yet to find a TULLETT.

If you find anything out I would be very interested to know.



**See my family history web-site at**

<!--body: end-->
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Re:Tullett Coat of Arms & History

Date Posted:06/13/2009 02:38 AMCopy HTML

<input type=hidden value=tullett name=forum>
Re: Tulletts in Sussex (and beyond?)
Posted by: Christopher John WAKELING (ID *****3427)Date: July 31, 2002 at 08:38:55
In Reply to: Re: Tulletts in Sussex (and beyond?) by JILL<input size=5 value=5 name=num> of 21 <input type=submit value=Go>

<!--body: begin-->Hi
No, I do not have one (yet!), but should there be any apparent connection I will post it here in due course.
Thanks for the info though, the name was quite common throughout Sussex in the 1800's and is believed to have come from the French protestant Huguenots fleeing catholic persecution in Europe.

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Re:Tullett Coat of Arms & History

Date Posted:06/13/2009 02:55 AMCopy HTML

  • Captain E V ("Tom") Tullett - 5th Battalion KOSB - Journalist - Author - Rod Barron 2/16/09
      <!--insert: 21-->
    <!--end: 21--><!--top: 17-->
  • Tullett - Joyce Dwiggins 9/27/04
      <!--insert: 17-->
    <!--end: 17--><!--top: 16-->
  • Jack E.. Tullett - Glenn Bynum 4/11/04
      <!--insert: 16-->
    <!--end: 16--><!--top: 10-->
  • Tulletts in Kent - Henry and Family - Jenny Kay 10/29/03
      <!--insert: 10-->
    <!--end: 10--><!--top: 9-->
  • Harry Tullett- London, Eng, Died:1925 - Jane Goodrich 10/10/03
      <!--insert: 9-->
    <!--end: 9--><!--top: 6-->
  • Tullett-Jackson 1904 NY-CA - Steve Hall 8/23/02 <!--end: 6--><!--top: 1-->
  • Tulletts in Sussex (and beyond?) - Christopher John WAKELING 6/07/02
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    Re:Tullett Coat of Arms & History

    Date Posted:06/13/2009 02:59 AMCopy HTML

    <script language=JavaScript src="/Logo.js"></script>genealogy

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