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Date Posted:04/02/2009 04:52 AMCopy HTML

I've mentioned before that I help moderate a major forum (6,000 members) dedicated to finding the truth about what happened to little Madeleine McCann.

I was discussing it with Anne the other day and she wanted to see some of the information that is not widely known...particularly in the UK press where there seems to be a 'ban' on publishing anything detrimental to the McCanns.

There is widespread belief that the Government are involved in the investigation of Maddie, who disappeared from her holiday apartment in Portugal, May 3 2007...Immediately the parent claimed it was an abduction, which in reality was not only impossible, ther is not a single indication that it was the case.

The Portuguese Police (PJ) made the McCanns arguidos (suspects) after cadaver/blood dogs discovered the scent of a corpse on the floor behind the sofa in the the closet, on Kates trousers and a tiny red tshirt.

The scent (which is emitted two hours after death) was also found in the car that was rented 3 weeks AFTER Madeleine went missing, also on the key fob and many other places.

This video shows Eddie (cadaver dog)  and Keela (Blood dog) picking up the cadaver scent in the McCanns holiday apartment, in their car, (rented 3 weeks after Maddies disappearance) and its so very sad to see Eddie alert to a tiny red T-Shirt...

Eddie alerted to cadaver scent behind the sofa, subsequently Keela alerted in the same place and police were able to find blood under the tiles which were shown to have DNA markers 15 out of 19..Acceptable as proof in England but cannot be used as proof in Portugal.

The dogs don't lie...Maddie's cadaver scent was found.

There has been silence in the UK news about most of the issues and facts surrounding this case, initially because Portuguese law prohibits information during an investigation but since the McCanns 'arguido' status was removed back in July the police have released 40,000 files available for viewing (in Portuguese) the details that point to the McCanns being involved in their daughters disappearance have been printed in the European press...Portugal, Spain, Germany etc...but nothing in UK...leading everyone to believe their is a 'coverup' by UK Government.  Whether that is true is hard to assess at the moment, but there is definately a 'force' in place that is preventing the details being known in Britain.

'We' have forensically scrutinized every known detail of the investigation for two years.....The forum has police, lawyers, journalists and people from every walk of life that will never give up on searching for the truth...even the 'innocent' arguido that the McCanns pointed a finger at Robert Murat joined and even sent me a private message.

Initially, the Police Inspector in charge of the investigation was 'fired' (under very 'odd' circumstances) and has since written a book on the subject outlining all the details pointing to the parents involvement.  It's currently a best seller in Portugal and other European countries but he is being prevented from publishing in UK.

In an interview with the BBC

Q: D’you think it’s possible Madeleine McCann is still alive?

A: The evidence that we had gathered by the time that I had left the case pointed to the girl being dead and having died inside the apartment. I don’t know what happened next, I can’t say, we’ll have to wait for the case files to be made public.

Q: You know what people are going to say back in Britain, they will say that this was a total failure of the Portuguese police.

A: Let’s wait, people will see the Portuguese Police and the British Police did a good job because there is British agencies who’re involved. We tried and we worked hard, so we can’t be accused of incompetence, or failure.
Sr Goncalo Amaral joined our forum in the hope that one day the truth will be revealed and the parents will be shown to be responsible....He supports us and in turn we support him.
They started a fund, which is actually not a 'charity' its a company and have, to date, raised something in the area of $12,000,000 which they are using to pay top notch lawyers (extradition lawyers by Appt to Queen TWO DAYS after Madeleine disappeared) and several other high profile lawyers (Carter Ruck) and PR people.
Their spokesman, after two weeks, was loaned to them by the government...Clarence Mitchell was right hand man to British Prime minister and after a few months GAVE UP HIS JOB in Government Media Monitoring Unit to be the 'PR' person for the McCanns, to represent them in their search for missing Madeleine and who 'may' have been found any day.
The fund is only active while Madeleine is still 'alive', if she was found to be dead the fund would no longer be legitimate and remaining proceeds would (supposedly) be handed over to help search for other missing children....In reality the McCanns do not have to account for any of the money to the public, in fact they have paid their mortgage from it.
They had to provide the accounts for tax purposes and the released figures indicate they have only spent 13% of the fund income searching for Madeleine....a good portion is spent on lawyers and 'detective' agencies that are a joke...but possibly used to launder money.
There are enormous amounts of information relating to the case but I will try to provide the basic details of what  is believed to have happened.

From the start the parents have exhibited strange behaviour and gave an enormous amount of contradictory statements...

Here they are coming out of the church in Praia da Luz celebrating Madeleine's 4th birthday NINE DAYS AFTER HER DISAPPEARANCE!

For the most part we work with 'known' details...whether from the polie files and the witness statements and photoes and documents involved....From the hundreds of videos and interviews and loosely guided by press publications and articles.
I have info to back up most claims, though I wont bother confirming it all here...Just know that it has been scrutinised to the 'nth' degree.  Nothing of course can be 'proved' , the police have 'shelved' the case but will re-open if some new information is recived that could pinpoint the McCanns.
Its very much like the OJ case...In a normal court of law there is more than enough evidence but for the PJ to fight against the best lawyers in the UK they need it cut and dried, but 'something' in Britain is preventing the truth from being accessed.
'We' are fighting to allow the truth to be exposed...We are considered one of the biggest threats to the McCanns....Many have named us as 'nuts' and crazy' etc...but the police in Leicester and Portugal are of a similar opinion as us...They just dont have the 'voice' as we do...
Madeleine doesn't have a voice and we consider we are there for her..To get justice for her.
Madeleine is likely dead and her parents are involved in her death and concealment of her body.

One of our members wrote this poem..


Maddylinks.jpg picture by LizzyTaylor 

A Moment For Maddie


 A sweet and innocent little girl that will never be forgotten...


'For Madeleine' by tabs

If we met would you know how we all feel?
Would you know how many think of you still?
Would you know this special place to which we all came?
Would you realise how many now know your name

Would you know how we hope you are at peace and feel love,
As you dance with the angels in the blue sky above,
Would you hear our thoughts, probing over old and new
Fighting for truth, for justice, for you

Precious child so alone so afraid and confused
Will we ever discover what became of you?
Alive in our hearts you always will stay
We will search for the truth, every hour, every day

So don’t feel alone, don’t feel sad
Look down upon us, in your heart feel glad
We are your voice now, so loud and so true
We will never give up on justice for you

Our promise to you we will never forget
This beautiful baby that we never met
But one day soon all the stars will align
And write across the sky ‘All for you Madeleine


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Re:Shocking Info About Madeleine McCann - UK Press Don't Print.

Date Posted:04/04/2009 12:32 PMCopy HTML

I am posting info from one of the best websites on the net for information on the Search for Madeleine..

Nigel is one of our members and the McCanns tried to close him down as featured in the Sun, more than a year ago. (see below)

I also run a similar website but mine is more a reference for articles etc..So far they haven't approached me although my site is referenced from other sites for people to check out old articles.

Click to view my 'archived' website

We have found ourselves in the unique position of being involved in an ongoing (though currently 'shelved') major investigation...There are approx 100 postings and replies per hour or less...Its a  very active site 24/7 and much of our info has been used by the police and the press.

I am one of about 6 moderators that review the posts for libel and slander etc.

Nigel Moore - 'redsquare' in 3A
McCanns website


McCanns slam Maddie website


Published: 07 Feb 2008

THE McCanns' spokesman has slammed an unofficial Maddie website which asks for 'donations' to support its jobless author., run by Nigel Moore, 48, was set up in a bid to "find the truth" about Madeleine's disappearance.

'Nige' - who works full-time creating the site - says that due to its popularity, "it now requires virtual full-time attention, 7 days a week."

He adds, "I have spent over 500 hours putting this site together (yes, scary, isn't it?) and I hope you appreciate my efforts in continuing to ask questions, and highlight inconsistencies, that other media outlets seem disappointingly reluctant to explore."

The homepage - which features profiles of those involved in the case and key events - also carries a prominent 'donate' button.

The website owner explains: "To enable me to continue to maintain and develop the site, I need support. Yours! Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury of rich benefactors behind me!"

The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell hit out, saying that unofficial sites such as these distract from the search for Madeleine.

He said: "This man did not seek our permission. We have not cooperated in any shape or form.

"Most of this is ill-informed comment at best. While some of it might be accurate, this sort of site runs the risk of repeating mistakes."

He added: "He's now seeking money to maintain the site. We'd rather people's efforts and money went to helping to find Madeleine."

Nigel told The Sun that he had not contacted the McCanns but was "trying to get something from them to put on the site."

He admitted: "They probably don't want to touch it with a barge pole.

"I've heard from someone there. I gather they're not particularly happy with it. I've had some feedback through an email but I'd rather not say from who."

Nigel added: "I've carefully sourced everything. I've not made anything up on there."

Asked if the McCanns' disapproval deterred him from continuing with the website, he added: "I still feel there are questions there that have not been answered that require answers. Not just around the case but the fund and things like that.

"My personal view is that the McCanns have some questions to answer."

Nigel added that the site - which has banner ads - was "costing him an arm and a leg."

"I'm not out to make a profit from it. There is no money coming from the actual site. The donate button is there for people to help me to keep it going. It's become quite popular," he added.

Nigel admitted that no one had yet made a donation.

And asked why any money should not go to the Madeleine fund, as suggested by Clarence Mitchell, he said: "I don't think a lot of people have confidence in where the money's actually going in the Madeleine fund."

Nigel added that his main concern was that Madeleine would be found.

He said: "That's the bottom line for everything. It's not a vendetta against the McCann family. I appreciate it's an incredibly difficult time for them."


The Story

Timeline: Key events in the search for missing Madeleine McCann, 07 September 2007 (up to arguido status)<!--"''"-->
Timeline: Key events in the search for missing Madeleine McCann, Daily Mail
Last updated at 13:30 07 September 2007
Here are the key events in the search for missing Madeleine McCann:

Thursday May 3

• Kate and Gerry McCann leave their three children in bed in their holiday apartment in the Ocean Club resort in the Algarve village of Praia da Luz and head for dinner with friends at a nearby tapas restaurant.

They check on the youngsters - Madeleine, three, and twins Sean and Amelie, two - regularly as part of an arrangement with other couples on holiday with them.

At 10pm Mrs McCann goes to check on the children and finds Madeleine has disappeared.

Fellow holidaymakers, staff at the resort and police spend most of the night frantically searching for the missing girl.

Friday May 4

• Sniffer dogs are brought in, the Spanish and border police and airports are notified and volunteer teams continue combing the village, resort and beach for clues.

Fears grow that Madeleine has been taken against her will and her parents accuse the Portuguese police of not doing enough to find her.

The McCanns make an emotional plea, directly appealing to their daughter's abductors and speaking of their "anguish and despair".

Saturday May 5

• Madeleine's aunt Philomena McCann criticises the Portuguese police, claiming they had played down her disappearance and were being "uncommunicative".

Detectives say they do now believe she was abducted but is still alive and in Portugal, and say they have a sketch of a suspect.

Sunday May 6

• The McCanns attend an emotional Mother's Day service in Praia da Luz at which prayers are said for Madeleine and her family in both Portuguese and English.

Monday May 7

• It emerges that police are investigating a claim a man was seen dragging a girl towards the marina at Lagos, a short drive from Praia da Luz.

Portuguese police hold a chaotic press conference where they say they cannot give Madeleine's family any firm assurance that she is still alive or still in the region.

Tuesday May 8

• People in Madeleine's home village of Rothley, Leicestershire, hold a silent vigil for the family.

Portuguese reports claim detectives are investigating British paedophiles with links to the Algarve.

Wednesday May 9

• Police examine a CCTV tape from a service station just a few miles from Praia da Luz showing a woman with a girl fitting Madeleine's description.

An internet appeal in English, Portuguese and Spanish is launched while Crimestoppers also creates an international number for people with information.

Thursday May 10

• Mrs McCann leads villagers and holidaymakers in prayer at the local church in Praia da Luz one week after Madeleine's disappearance.

Police say in a press conference that the search for Madeleine is being wound down.

Saturday May 12

• Madeleine's fourth birthday.

Her parents mark the day by calling for people to redouble their efforts to find her. After spending most of the day away from Praia da Luz, the couple attend a special birthday mass in the village where Mr McCann speaks about the impact of the abduction on the family.

He also says for the first time that the couple are convinced Madeleine is alive.

The total reward being offered by business figures, celebrities and a national newspaper for information leading to Madeleine's safe return reaches £2.5 million.

Chancellor Gordon Brown expresses his sympathy for Madeleine's parents and says his thoughts are with them.

Sunday May 13

• It emerges London lawyers from the International Family Law Group have flown to Portugal to assist the McCanns, and are setting up a special "fighting fund" to allow members of the public to make their own financial contribution to the search.

Monday May 14

• Mr McCann says that "until there is concrete evidence to the contrary, we believe Madeleine is safe and is being looked after". Mrs McCann says they cannot consider going home at the moment.

Police launch a search at the home of Anglo-Portuguese man Robert Murat, just 100 yards from where Madeleine was snatched. Mr Murat is taken in for questioning, but is not formally arrested.

Tuesday May 15

• Police officially class Robert Murat as an "arguido", or suspect. He claims he is being made a "scapegoat" in the investigation. Wednesday May 16

Detectives swoop on the Praia da Luz home of Russian computer expert Sergey Malinka, who designed a website for Mr Murat, and interview him.

Madeleine's aunt Philomena McCann travels to Westminster to lobby for support. Gordon Brown pledges to help "in any way he can".

New video images of Madeleine are broadcast at half-time during the Uefa Cup Final between Sevilla and Espanyol in Glasgow.

Thursday May 17

• It emerges that Portuguese police are investigating telephone calls between Sergey Malinka and Robert Murat on the night Madeleine was abducted.

The official website set up to help find Madeleine,, receives more than 25 million hits.

Posters protesting Robert Murat's innocence appear around the Norfolk village where he used to live.

Sunday May 20

• Mr McCann flies back to the UK for meetings about the Madeleine Fund and to put personal affairs in order.

Monday May 21

• Mr McCann visits Rothley, where he sees thousands of tributes from villagers. He later returns to Portugal.

Thursday May 24

• Madeleine's family releases the last photograph known to have been taken of her before she disappeared.

The happy family snap, taken seven hours before she was abducted, shows the young girl laughing in the sunshine as she dangled her feet in the swimming pool.

A fighting fund for the McCanns' campaign reaches almost £300,000 and the number of hits on the website reaches 125 million.

Friday May 25

• The McCanns give their first interviews and speak of how the "guilt" of not being with Madeleine when she was abducted will never leave them.

Police finally release the description of the man seen carrying a child on the night of Madeleine's abduction after pressure from the McCanns, their legal team and the British Government.

The man is described as white, approximately 35 to 40 years old, of medium build and 5ft 10ins tall. He was wearing a dark jacket, light beige trousers and dark shoes.

Wednesday May 30

• Kate and Gerry McCann attend an audience with the Pope at the Vatican as they travel around Europe to publicise their campaign to find Madeleine.

Thursday May 31

• Portuguese police say they are trawling through two dossiers, 8cm thick, of emails and messages from clairvoyants who say they know where Madeleine is. They say they are trying to find out if any of the messages could be from her kidnapper.

Wednesday June 6

• While in Berlin, Madeleine's parents are forced to deny any involvement in her abduction when asked by a German journalist if they had anything to do with her disappearance.

Thursday June 7

• A mystery phone call from a man claiming to know Madeleine's whereabouts is received.

The caller provides such detail that Kate and Gerry McCann temporarily put their European search for their daughter on hold in case they need to act. The call is later traced to a mobile phone registered in Argentina.

Wednesday June 13

• An anonymous letter sent to Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf claims Madeleine's body is buried in deserted scrubland only nine miles from where she was abducted.

Sunday June 17

• Portuguese police say Madeleine's friends and family may have unwittingly destroyed vital evidence in the first few hours after her abduction, during their search for her.

Chief Inspector Olegario Sousa says their well-meaning actions could prove "fatal" for the investigation.

Thursday June 21

• The first of a series of reported sightings of a girl resembling Madeleine is reported in Malta. The initial reports spark a flurry of interest in the island with dozens of possible sightings reported in subsequent days and weeks.

Friday June 22

• Hundreds of balloons bearing Madeleine's picture are released across the world as a tribute to mark the 50th day since her disappearance.

Thursday June 28

• Spanish police arrest an Italian man and a Portuguese woman suspected of trying to extort money from Madeleine's parents by offering them information about the missing girl.

They are not believed to have anything to do with her disappearance.

Monday July 2

• The McCanns move out of the apartment in the Ocean Club resort where they have been staying since the abduction to a private property nearby.

Friday July 6

• Dutch police reveal they have arrested a man in Eindhoven suspected of attempting to defraud Gerry and Kate McCann demanding two million euro (£1.35 million) for information on her whereabouts.

Tuesday July 10

• Mr Murat returns to the police station in Portimao for further questioning. He goes there again the following day.

Saturday July 14

• On a short trip back to the UK, Kate and Gerry McCann attend the baptism of two of their godchildren in Skipton, north Yorkshire.

Monday July 16

• Harry Potter author JK Rowling announces she will use the worldwide appeal of her boy wizard to help the search for Madeleine.

Posters of Madeleine are made available to booksellers in more than 200 countries around the world ahead of the publication of the long-awaited final book in her best-selling series on July 21.

Monday July 23

• On a four-day fact-finding visit to the US, Mr McCann meets US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to discuss efforts to tackle child abduction.

Friday August 3

• Details emerge of a possible sighting of Madeleine in Belgium. A child therapist says she is "100% sure" she saw the young girl at a restaurant in the Flemish town of Tongeren, not far from the Dutch border, on July 28.

The witness said the girl was with a couple, a Dutch man and an English-speaking woman, who were acting strangely and not like "normal parents".

Saturday August 4

• Police launch a second search of Robert Murat's house.

Mrs McCann speaks for the first time of her regret at leaving her daughter on the night she disappeared.

She also discloses that as she tucked Madeleine into bed that night, the little girl said: "Mummy, I've had the best day ever. I'm having lots and lots of fun."

Sunday August 5

• The search of Mr Murat's home is completed, with reports suggesting that no new evidence was found.

Monday August 6

• A Portuguese newspaper reports that British sniffer dogs have found traces of blood on a wall in the apartment where Madeleine went missing.

Detectives now believe it is most likely Madeleine is dead, having been killed accidentally, the Jornal de Noticias claimed.

Wednesday August 8

• DNA tests on a milkshake bottle used by the girl seen in Tongeren prove inconclusive.

But Belgian police say the findings do not rule out that Madeleine was present and say they are still hunting the couple's black Volvo car.

A friend of the McCanns says she is disgusted at an apparent smear campaign against them.

Rachael Oldfield, who ate with the McCanns on the night Madeleine disappeared, said: "I think there are some leaks coming from the police because a lot of what I have read recently has been completely untrue."

Thursday August 9

• The McCanns end their daily routine of taking their two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie to the creche at the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz.

The move follows concerns about photographers taking pictures of their children and disturbing holidaymakers using the child-minding facility.

Mr Murat's lawyer criticises the McCanns' "strange" behaviour in leaving Madeleine alone on the night she vanished.

Francisco Pagarete also claims people in Praia da Luz want "these bloody McCanns" to return home.

The McCanns insist they will not be "bullied" into leaving Portugal by the growing backlash against them.

Friday August 10

• The McCanns launch a new section of the internet video-sharing website YouTube. Called Don't You Forget About Me, it will be devoted to helping to find missing youngsters such as Madeleine.

Mr McCann says the police investigation could now be "starting with a new slate". He tells the BBC: "There has been a shift in the investigation and the way it was proceeding previously.

"Now if that means we're starting with a new slate, we've always said all scenarios are possible, and we have always done everything to co-operate."

Jornal de Noticias reports that Portuguese police want to question a British man who was on holiday in Praia da Luz at the same time as the McCanns and helped in the search for Madeleine. The man arrived in Portugal on April 28, the same day as the McCanns, and left on May 6, the day they should have flown home, the newspaper says.

Saturday August 11

• 100 days since Madeleine disappeared.

The McCanns attend a poignant service of prayers for Madeleine at a church in Praia da Luz.

Portuguese police acknowledge for the first time that Madeleine could be dead. Chief Inspector Olegario Sousa tells the BBC new evidence had given "intensity" to the possibility she was killed. He says the parents are not being considered as suspects.

A McCann family friend says it is "extraordinary" the police had "not had the decency" to tell the couple they now believed Madeleine could be dead before stating it in an on-the-record interview.

Sunday August 12

• Mrs McCann tells Woman's Own magazine that she would rather know her daughter was dead than live in limbo forever.

She says: "Gerry and I have spoken about this and in our heart of hearts we'd both rather know - even if knowing means we have to face the terrible truth that Madeleine might be dead. We both need to know."

Monday August 13

• A British family caught up in the investigation say detectives have cleared them of any link to the case. Solicitor James Gorrod, from Exeter, and his family happened to be in the resort at the same time, but never met the McCanns.

Wednesday August 15

• Blood traces found in the bedroom where Madeleine was sleeping the night the was snatched were not hers, The Times reports. Forensic results show the blood came from a man, it adds.

Thursday August 16

• One of the most senior police officers in Portugal says it is a "strong theory" that Madeleine is dead.

Alipio Ribeiro, national director of the Portuguese judicial police, tells El Mundo that forensic test results on blood traces from the holiday flat are due "imminently". But the quality of the traces found was "not very good" and it was possible they would be inconclusive.

Monday August 20

• Reports suggest the police inquiry has entered a "decisive phase" with detectives poised to carry out a series of new searches. They are also looking again at claims a pensioner disturbed an intruder in her apartment directly above the McCanns' holiday flat just two weeks before Madeleine vanished.

Tuesday August 21

• A friend of the McCanns hits back at smears about him printed in Portuguese newspapers.

Dr Russell O'Brien, 36, was among the group the couple were dining with on the night Madeleine went missing. Portuguese newspapers have printed allegations about him.

In a statement, Dr O'Brien and his wife Jane Tanner said: "These reports in the Portuguese press are completely untrue and extremely hurtful.

"We have spoken to the police today, and have been assured that our status as witnesses has not changed."

Wednesday August 22

• Madeleine may be alive and in Spain, her parents say. The McCanns give interviews to Spain's three top-selling newspapers in which they insist there is a "very real possibility" their daughter has not been killed.

Thursday August 23

• It emerges that police in Spain are investigating a reported sighting of Madeleine. Two women have reported seeing a youngster matching her description with a man at a petrol station near Cartagena, in the south east of the country.

Friday August 24

• Mr McCann attacks a series of police leaks which have fuelled "preposterous" speculation about what happened to his daughter. He says he is disappointed so much information has made its way into the public domain despite Portugal's strict "secrecy of justice" laws.

Saturday August 25

• Mr McCann signals a new scaled-down media campaign to find his missing four-year-old. He says he will be returning to work but insists his daughter may still be alive.

Wednesday August 29

• Mr McCann urges Madeleine's abductor to end the family's 118-day nightmare - if only to assuage "torment" in his or her own soul.

Thursday August 30

• Madeleine's would-be classmates say a poignant prayer for the missing girl on what should have been her first day at school. The four-year-old was due to start at Bishop Ellis Catholic Primary School in Thurmaston, Leicestershire.

Friday August 31

• It emerges that the McCanns are to launch a libel action against a Portuguese newspaper which said police believe they killed their daughter. The action will be against the Tal & Qual paper, based in Oporto.

Thursday September 6

• Mrs McCann arrives at a Portuguese police station to undergo further questioning by detectives.

Mr McCann will be re-interviewed separately by police the next day. They are being interviewed as witnesses. A family friend says the McCanns fear Portuguese detectives are about to name them as suspects in their daughter's disappearance.<!--"''"-->

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Re:Shocking Info About Madeleine McCann - UK Press Don't Print.

Date Posted:04/04/2009 13:01 PMCopy HTML

This is one of the most viewed YouTube videos made by one of our members a year and a half ago...but asks the very basic questions that are still relative today...

It will..if nothing else make you think...

Feel free to comment or ask questions about anything posted here...

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Re:Shocking Info About Madeleine McCann - UK Press Don't Print.

Date Posted:04/11/2009 11:56 AMCopy HTML

The following video is a radio broadcast featuring one of our members (a lawyer) explaining that the dogs used that found the 'corpse' scent will only alert to something that has had direct contact with a  body  dead for 2 hrs or longer.

Therefore it shows the dogs alert finds a dead body was in the apartment behind the the closet on the verandah and in the well as direct contact with two pieces of Kates clothes..a tiny red tshirt...key fob and well as in the car rented by the McCanns three weeks after Madeleine died...a body was in that car three weeks after Madeleine disappeared.

No other deaths have happened and no other 'alerts' anywhere else.

Blood was found in a couple of the locations and forensics showed 15 of 19 markers belong to Madeleine (enough for charges in UK but not for Portugal)

Madeleine died in the apartment BEFORE the McCanns left to go to dinner that night

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Re:Shocking Info About Madeleine McCann - UK Press Don't Print.

Date Posted:04/11/2009 13:37 PMCopy HTML

A report by Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida to the
Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation

Where he concludes, after analyzing all the evidence gathered, that the child is dead and the parents were responsible for cadaver occultation, and the entire GROUP was lying since the first day of the investigation.

10 September 2007
(Processo: VOL ,X, p. 2587-2602)

MADELEINE BETH MCCANN was born on the 12th of May of 2003.
She is missing (disappeared) since 03 of May of 2007, a fact that occurred in Praia da Luz, Lagos.
She is the daughter of Gerald and Kate McCann and her birth was desired and planned. However it must be referred the difficulty of the mother to get pregnant, from which resulted the necessary treatments and their “costs”. [I presume he refers more to the emotional and social costs than monetary ones].

She was born after fertilization “in vitro”, but in face of the DNA profile of the minor, she is the daughter of the couple McCann.

It is a scientific fact that the medical treatments to overcome some of the causes for a non-pregnancy raises the probability of, in a normal pregnancy, twins may be born.

In this case we can see that a pregnancy, although desired and planned, turned into a family situation of five instead of three persons. And then, to take care of one child is not the same as taking care of three, all very young.

At around 24h on the 3rd of May of 2007, through a phone connection from the Lagos GNR to this “piquet”, was communicated the disappearance of a minor, a british subject.
We went to the local to proceed to the necessary judiciary inspection.

Before the fact of the disappearance of the minor, the investigation “designed” the several possible sketches.

From the beginning the parents of the minor attributed the fact (disappearance) to the action of a third party, defending the KIDNAPPING.

Even though it was a possible scenario, the actions of the family were in the sense of conducting into that direction, through the publicity of the fact in a way that was never seen before.
In fact, in the following day, the british televisions “opened” the news already publicizing the disappearance/kidnapping of the minor.

The defense of this scenario was, for the Media, the truth of the facts under investigation.
Time went by without the confirmation of this scenario by the presence of any of its necessary assumptions. It was never requested any sort of ransom in exchange for information or the child herself.

However and in front of the depositions of one of the friends, Jane Tanner, one could presume to be before such frame.

Meanwhile the diligences continued in order to recover all types of information and always in the perspective of working over all the possible scenarios.

The information recovered, in the beginning, with the family and friends, was uncertain and “worked up”, by the group, in order to give strength to the version presented and defended.
According to the parents and the GROUP, they went for dinner and all of them left the children, sleeping, in their respective apartments.

The elements of the group had a meeting where they agreed on certain rules that sustained the version that they accompanied continuously the children, while they dined.

It is annexed a manuscript of an element of the group that gives consistence to this thesis.
These principles that, in this way, were shared by all the group makes that all the GROUP is always exculpated in the eyes of the british public opinion, making it impossible that any abnormal occurrence that occurred could take more than 30 minutes, once they all agreed to be that the timing they used to look for the children.

The version that someone in the group that every 15 minutes or every 30 minutes went to the apartments to check if everything was alright falls down!

From the declarations of the group results a total incoherence, in the face of which it’s obvious, that everyone lies.

We may verify that one of the elements of the group wanting to provide consistency to the group’s version, gives it a personal touch: the checking on the children were done in two ways, one just by listening if anyone was crying and in case there was silence than everything was well and the other one, by really checking.

On his turn to verify the children, one of the elements of the group, Mathew, acted on this manner, and he even told Kate that everything was okay but without specifying. Kate remembers this detail.

The truth, however, is that this statements made the investigation to wander, losing time and resources.

It is not admissible (understandable) that this information was given in the beginning and maintained all along the time, in spite of the fact that anyone could verify the losses that it caused to the investigation.

After all this time the version is maintained paired with the public and “hammered “statement that what they want the most is “to help the investigation”.

The investigation had to assume the incorrect information and move forward.

From tsuch the results are that:

• If anyone went to check the children and if everything was alright the disappearance could only have occurred between 21:30h and 22:00h;

• If the information didn’t take into account that witness (? ) then the disappearance occurred between 21:00h and 22:00 h, enlarging the period ( assuming the father is telling the truth);

There is however another question about the timing, which is:

• The last time the child was seen outside of the GROUP, by someone that can prove that moment, it was around 17h:35m, when the parents went to fetch her from the Creche, which can enlarge the gap of time, between the disappearance and the alarm, to four hours.

Continuing with the analysis of the information presented, we have an element of the GROUP that became a witness, pretensely important, Jane Tanner, because of what she communicated: she SAW someone at dinner time crossing the road from the place of the disappearance, in the direction of Robert Murat’s house.

This information swerved (directed) and mobilized the work of the investigators for a long time. This can be the example how information that is not correct can, not only delay, but could have also lead to the loss of the little girl.

Through the insistence on the information, several scenarios of the disconformities of that with the reality were traced, but it didn’t prevent the realization of an intense and long work around that arguido.

We can also verify the discrepancies about the subject on the declarations of Gerald and Jane. How to pass at scarce 2 / 3 meters from each other without seeing one another, they can be positioned in such a reduced space, and between them they cannot see the same person passing by; or rather, one sees but not the other.

Even the local where, assumingly, they crossed each other is not well defined by any of them.

The moment chosen by the witness Jane to make her statement about what she had “seen” and the explanation for that moment is unreal, that is, it is not easy to accept that any witness (from the group) when seeing someone with a child in the arms getting away from the McCann’s place, hadn’t immediately acted or spoken, being certain that the description of the person was being consecutively altered, “perfected”. So, there isn’t much credibility on this deposition.

Until now we have been analyzing small distortions in the information initially transmitted, being noticeable “small” alterations (distortions) of the truth, and relating it with the investigation and with the directions it forced it into.

The investigation didn’t follow the command or the will of anyone; the family and Group’s information that on this type of crime is fundamental, was always distorted.

The fact that the individuals were foreigners prevented, until now, that direct information about the persons of the GROUP were obtained.

The parents of the minor live in a society, the british, known through the press, as very demanding. The professions of both parents, medicine, completed by the fact that the father is a surgeon, increases this degree of pressure and consequent tiredness.

In a society identified internationally and in the Media as very demanding and with many and tight rules to establish those standards of exigency, it makes it obligatory that people rest; make a professional retreat; take their holidays.

Gerald McCann’s profession is a cardiovascular surgeon.

On many moments of his professional career he had to make decisions in thousandths of a second, which gives him certain “coldness” and, certainly provokes an increased tiredness.

The enjoyment of a period of holidays supposes a rest through non-ordinary practices and freedom and exemption from schedules.

The social life in such a holiday, in the present case, was facilitated by the fact that they travelled as a group.

But that social life may, in a certain way, be touched by the presence and constant needs of accompanying the minors.

This evidence and need was clear in the deliverance of the children by the respective children’s centers and creches (according to their ages). The holiday time was not shared between parents and children.

The day, 03 of May of 2007, had gone by, until dinner time, in a natural way according to the adopted style.

After getting the children from the Children’s centers and the creche they went to the apartment, little after 17:35h.

But…Kate went running for half an hour at the beach and then went to the apartment and…Gerald went to play tennis.

While the tennis play was taking place another element of the group that had been in touch with Kate, in the apartment, in a period of time that could have taken between 30 seconds, according to Kate, and 30 minutes, according to Gerald.

In thirty seconds we may ask if everything is well and if anything is needed, little more.
In thirty minutes we can go ahead and make something that is needed from us…

They put the minors to bed and to sleep, around 19:30h. They stood at home until 20:30h, going to the Tapas restaurant afterwards. Of the group they were the first to arrive.

Although the entire group was at the table and starting the meal, they began the “visits” to the children in a way that is neither coherent nor acceptable; that could not be confirmed and only the group defends it, in a sort of “unique version”.

Although they say in the “Autos” that their strategic position in the Tapas restaurant allowed them, the McCann, to see the apartment where they’d left their children, minor, sleeping, the exam of the local reveals it is false.

It must be noted, also, that by the stated in the “Autos” everything points to their position at the table with their back to the apartment.

On that NIGHT, around 22:05h, according to her version, it was Kate that went to the apartment to check the children, coinciding with the end of the dinner, at which she had arrived at 20:30h.
So, she returned to the apartment about one and a half hours later, the time lapse while she didn’t see her children.

It took her about 10 minutes. She returned to the restaurant and communicated to the remaining elements the disappearance of her daughter Madeleine.

It must be noted that Kate knew that, going back to the restaurant as she did, she would leave the twins, Amelie and Sean, in the same dangerous situation.

It is not understandable why she didn’t use the cell phone to call Gerald or the group or, even simpler, that she didn’t go to the balcony from where she could be perfectly heard by the elements of the group.
The authorities, the GNR, were alerted around 22:40h and, he population alerted, started the searches for the minor.

The divulgation of the facts weren’t kept within the authorities and the normal channels. On the following day the british and portuguese TVs were advertising the fact.

The GROUP was together. The search was circumscribed to the interior of the apartment.
Before any search by the authorities at the surroundings the notice about an eventual kidnapping was already running along.

By reasons, they said, of counseling and support the parents asked for the presence of a priest, at around 02:00h/03:00h on the 04 of May.

On the informal depositions they made, during the judiciary inspection made at the local, the information immediately induced the thesis of KIDNAPPING.

Simple things became disinformation: the question of the opened or closed window; the shutter up or down; the balcony door opened…the front door, locked or open.

Despite everything, until a certain time in the investigation the family sustained the thesis of kidnapping. However, in a date that cannot be precise it was suggested to the family that they should consult a person that could, eventually, indicate the probable place where the cadaver of little Madeleine could be found.

This fact became inexplicable to the elements of the investigation once it were the members of the family that raised the hypothesis of death of little Maddie.

Nevertheless, before the Media they kept (and keep) declaring their hope on finding their daughter alive: the first time that the hypothesis of the death of the little girl was raised it was, effectively, suggested by the McCann.

Although maintaining all the lines of the investigation opened it was, nevertheless, decided to advance in the direction of a new inspection to the local where the girl disappeared.
The inspection technique is frequently used in the United Kingdom and consists on the use of dogs especially trained.

As it’s natural it is the dog’s olfact the “sense” used. In the case of this “sense” the difference between the human and the dog is 5 million cells to 200 millions.

It must be highlighted that the resource to this kind of inspection is frequent in the UK and the success rate is 100%.

One of the dogs is trained to detect the odor of cadaver and the other to identify vestiges of human blood.

We refer now that the location of the cadaver odors signifies that physically the body (cadaver) is not on the place, marked by the dog, but certainly it has been there, as long as the dog signals it.

As it can be verified from the “Autos”, in the inquiry, the dogs inspected the locals and objects with the results described below.

All the inspections were recorded in sound and image and were directed by our british colleagues that accompanied the dogs.

Among the great number of objects and locals inspected, the dogs marked the following places:
1. Apartment 5 A, Ocean Club resort, the place from where the child disappeared
1.1. Cadaver odor
• Master bedroom, in a corner, by the wardrobe
• Living room, behind the sofa, by the side window
1.2. Blood dog:
• Living room behind the sofa, close to the lateral window (on the same spot signaled by the cadaver dog);
2. Front garden to the apartment 5A
2.1. Cadaver dog
• Flower bed (the dog handler commented on the “lightness” of the odor)
3. Apartments where the rest of the group were staying
• NOTHING was detected by the dogs
4. Actual residence of the McCann
• NOTHING was detected on the house by any of the dogs
5. At Aldeia da Luz
• NOTHING was detected by any of the dogs
6. Clothes and belongings of McCann family
6.1. Cadaver dog:
• 2 pieces of clothing of Kate McCann
• One piece of Madeleine McCann
• Madeleine’s soft toy
• The odor was detected when the toy was still in the interior of the actual residence of the McCann
• It was confirmed in out of the house conditions
7. Vehicle used by the McCann family
7.1. Cadaver dog:
• Marked the key of the car
• Marked the interior of the booth
7.2. Blood dog
• Marked the car key
• Marked the interior of the booth
8. Car used by a family friend that was staying in the same resort, in some of the same days
• Nothing was detected by any of the dogs
9. All the cars used by the arguido Robert Murat and the people that are close to him
• Nothing was detected by any of the dogs.

(In a total of 10 cars the cadaver dog and the blood dog only marked the car of the McCann family, rented at May 27th)

The places and the pieces marked and signaled by the blood dog are being subjected to forensic exams, part of which are already concluded.

Not less relevant is the refinement of the results that point towards Madeleine’s DNA as being present at the apartment 5A behind the sofa, a place marked by the cadaver and the blood dog. In every place marked by the blood dog it was confirmed there was DNA.

The Media enhancement given to the case and their search for information has contributed to an evolution on Madeleine’s parents declarations.

All the information that was made public, contributed for the remixing of the story, adapting it to eventual police questions, and to attempts to justify the indicia and consequent proof that was being collected.

Let’s see: the media forwarded the hypothesis that the children could have been sedated to be kept asleep and allow some rest to the parents.

Distant in time Kate’s father, the grandfather of the minor, Brian Healy, admits to the press that Kate could have administered some medication to the little girl, Calpol, to help the child (children??) to sleep, contrary to what his daughter Kate had stated.

Kate, through the PJ inspector that acted as “liaison” with the family [NOTE: that is Ricardo Paiva], asked why samples weren’t taken from the twins in order to test that hypothesis. She knew well enough at that time, more than 3 months later, that such exam would be inviable.

She went further and said that we – the investigation – should verify that the kidnapper had sedated Madeleine, to accomplish the action and he had also sedated the twins …to consummate the act…however she didn’t say that at the right moment.

And we know that the sedatives have timings to act and timings to be expelled, that varies between six and 200 hours.

The medical knowledge of the McCann is enough to know such, even if their professional activity never passed by performing toxicology exams.

When the media informed that blood had been detected “in the car and in the apartment”, Kate and members of her family come to the public with the simple excuse that it had been someone, with access to the apartment, to place the evidence.

Now they even admit it was a member of the criminal investigation to place the “false” evidence (blood and cadaver odor in the apartment and in the car).

Kate in an attempt to justify the blood went even further, informing that on that occasion, Madeleine had, sometimes, nasal hemorragies.

On the day that a house search was performed, in the residence of the McCann, on the master bedroom, written papers were found as well as a bible, written in English. It was opened on the pages whose copies are annexed here, with the translation.

KIDNAPPING is a situation with which, unfortunately, in the United Kingdom, most of the public opinion is used to, due to the rate of this kind of crime.

Intelligent people should have a minimum of knowledge that the publicity is harming to the investigation of a kidnapping crime and especially to the safety of the kidnapped person.

They should have waited for the decisions from the police authorities, there is strong evidence that the crime scene was altered, some furniture was moved around.

Those changes are indications of simulation.

On the night of the disappearance of the little girl Madeleine the family was contacted by a lady that identified herself with documents that credited her as somebody that worked with minors in the United Kingdom.

She identified herself with documents/certifications used in the UK, into hospitals and centers for the care of minors. She offered her help in whatever was needed.
No doubt this person could have been of valuable help, even about procedures, but she was dismissed.

From everything that was gathered, the facts point in the direction that the death of Madeleine McCann occurred, on the night of May 3rd of 2007, inside the apartment 5A, of the Ocean Club resort, occupied by the couple McCann and by their three children;

There is a coincidence between the marking of cadaver odor and blood, according to the Laboratory Report (partial) annexed to the “Autos”.

Such markings, occurred behind the sofa of the living room (cadaver and blood odor/DNA), which proves that indubitably such piece of furniture was pushed back by someone, after the death of Madeleine MCann occurred. Because of the weak (small) vestiges recovered at such place, it is to admit as a strong hypothesis that the same was subjected to a wash, at the time the death occurred.

In the same way, the soft toy used by the dead child, found at the head of the bed where she usually slept (see photos about the initial forensics) reveals that someone put it there in a moment posterior to the death, once the bed doesn’t have cadaver odor. This is, there occurred an intentional modification in order to simulate a “picture” that doesn’t correspond with the reality;

It must be added that the cadaver odor signaled a strong odor in the bedroom where the McCann slept, which can indicate the moving of the corpse from the actual death scene (living room) to the non visible part of the bedroom;

Furthermore a strong reaction for cadaver odor was made on Kate’s clothes, which can indicate that she was in touch with the cadaver;

There was also a strong reaction of cadaver odor in the car used by the McCann (since May 27th 2007), which in conjugation with the blood dog and the forensics present in the “Autos”, that indicate the presence of Madeleine McCann’s DNA in the booth of the car, are in order not to exclude a strong hypothesis that this car may have been used to transport the cadaver, 24 days after the death;

It can’t also be neglected the indication of the cadaver and blood dog, on the car key, having the laboratory confirmed the existence of Gerald McCann’s DNA. This last signaling was obtained by the dogs after the key was put far away from the car and in a place not visible.

From everything that was exposed from the AUTOS, we conclude that:
A) The minor Madeleine McCann died in the apartment 5A of the Ocean Club resort, on the night of May 3rd of 2007;

B) It was performed a simulation of kidnapping;

C) In order to avoid the death [alarm] of the minor before 22H00, it was created a situation of the children’s surveillance by the McCann while the children slept;

D) Kate McCann and Gerald McCann are involved in the occultation of the cadaver of their child Madeleine McCann;

E) At this moment, there seems that there aren’t strong indicia that the death of the minor didn’t happen due to a tragic accident;

F) From what was obtained until now, everything points out that the McCann, as self-defense, didn’t want to deliver immediately and voluntarily the cadaver, existing a strong possibility that the same was transported from the initial place of deposition. This situation is susceptible to raise questions about the circumstances under which the death of the minor occurred.

So we suggest that the “Autos” be sent to the Sr. Procurador Geral da Républica [General Attorney], in order to:

G) New interrogation of the Arguidos Kate and Gerry McCann;
H) Evaluation of the measure of restraint to be applied in this case;

On the course of the house search to the residence of the Mccann, a manuscript was found, a sort of diary, already photocopied, possibly authored by Kate McCann, and admitting that the same may contain elements that may help to reach the material truth of the facts, WE PROPOSE THAT:

I) The photocopies of such document to be presented to the M.Mo Judge regarding its apprehension, if legal, translation and eventual recovery of elements to bring into the “Autos” for future investigation.

Do you maintain your conviction that Madeleine McCann was killed in Aldeia da Luz?

Francisco Moita Flores:
"I do. There are no material conditions to opt for another solution. The mystery lies with one or two of the ten or TWELVE elements that used to enter that apartment".
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the3arguidos - The 48 Questions and More


Basic Info

Your child is missing

You know it was an abduction, which could involve a parents worst nightmare.

You are suspected of being involved and all you want

is for the Police to focus their attention and resources back onto finding your child and bringing the abductor to justice.

When faced with these questions:

1- On May 3 2007, around
10 p.m., when you entered the apartment, what did you see, what did you do, where did you search, what did you handle?

2- Did you search inside the bedroom wardrobe?

3- Can you describe its contents? (shown 2 photographs)

4- Why are the curtains in front of the side window, behind the sofa ruffled? Did somebody go behind that sofa? (shown photograph)

5- How long did your search of the apartment take after you detected your daughter Madeleine’s disappearance?

6- Why did you say straight away that Madeleine had been abducted?

7- Assuming Madeleine had been abducted, why did you leave the twins home alone to go to the ‘Tapas’ to raise the alarm? Because the supposed abductor could still be in the apartment.

8- Why didn’t you ask the twins at that moment what had happened to their sister, or why didn’t you ask them later on?

9- When you raised the alarm at the ‘Tapas’, what exactly did you say and what were the words?

10- What happened after you raised the alarm at the ‘Tapas’?

11- Why did you go and warn your friends instead of shouting from the verandah?

12- Who contacted the authorities?

13- Who took place in the searches?

14- Did anyone outside of the group learn of Maddie’s disappearance during the following minutes?

15- Did any neighbour offer you help after the disappearance?

16- What does the expression “we let her down” mean?

17- Did Jane tell you that night that she’d seen a man with a child?

18- How were the authorities contacted and which police force was alerted?

19- During the searches, and already with the police present, in what locations was Maddie searched for, how and in what way?

20- Why did the twins not wake up during that search or when they were taken upstairs?

21- Who did you phone after the occurrence?

22- Did you call SKY News?

23- Did you know the danger of calling the media, because it could influence the abductor?

24- Did you request the presence of a priest?

25- By what means did you divulge Madeleine’s features, by photographs or by any other means?

26- Is it true that during the searches you remained seated on Maddie’s bed without moving?

27- What was your behaviour that night?

28- Did you manage to sleep?

29- Before travelling to Portugal did you make any comment about a foreboding or a bad feeling?

30- What was Madeleine’s behaviour like?

31- Did Maddie suffer from any illness or take any medication?

32- What was Madeleine’s relationship like with her brother and sister?

33- What was Madeleine’s relationship like with her brother and sister, friends and school mates?

34- As for your professional life, in how many and which hospitals have you worked?

35- What is your medical specialty?

36- Did you work by shifts, in any emergency services or other services?

37- Did you work every day?

38- Did you stop working at a certain point? Why?

39- Are the twins difficult to get to sleep? Are they restless and does that cause you uneasiness?

40. Is it true that sometimes you despaired with your children’s behaviour and that left you feeling very uneasy?

41- Is it true that in England you even considered handing over Madeleine’s custody to a relative?

42- In England, did you medicate your children? What type of medication?

43- Within the process, you were shown canine forensic testing films, where you can see them marking due to detection of the scent of human corpse and blood traces, also human, and only human, as well as all the comments of the technician in charge of them. After watching and after the marking of the scent of corpse in your bedroom beside the wardrobe and behind the sofa, pushed up against the living room window, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

44- When the sniffer dog also marked human blood behind the sofa, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

45- When the sniffer dog marked the scent of corpse coming from the vehicle you hired a month after the disappearance, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

46- When human blood was marked in the boot of the vehicle, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

47- When confronted with the results of Maddie’s DNA, whose analysis was carried out in a British laboratory, collected from behind the sofa and the boot of the vehicle, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

48- Did you have any responsibility or intervention in your daughter’s disappearance?

Would you have answered them?
I would.

Kate McCann did NOT.


Are you aware that in not answering the questions you are jeopardising the investigation, which seeks to discover what happened to your daughter?

'Yes, if that’s what the investigation thinks.'

no stone unturned

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_onloadRegister(function() {if (window.Env) { Env["nectar_last_impression_id"]="e18fbb68e394a7f23d4cc8efd4aedb54"; }}); _onloadRegister(function() {if (window.Env) { Env["nectar_last_nav_impression_id"]=""; }}); _onloadRegister(function() {window.PROFILE_FBID = "22766483393";}); _onloadRegister(function() {window.wallAttachments = new attachments(1);}); _onloadRegister(function() {setFlashFallback('flash_fallback_49ee25c7a00e67813944240', '9.0.115')}); _onloadRegister(function() {so_28183222978_49ee25c7a00299859724446 = new SWFObject("\x26autoplay=1", "so_28183222978_49ee25c7a00299859724446", "320px", "260px", "9.0.115", "#ffffff"); so_28183222978_49ee25c7a00299859724446.addParam("autoplay", "true"); so_28183222978_49ee25c7a00299859724446.addParam("wmode", "transparent"); so_28183222978_49ee25c7a00299859724446.addVariable("string_table", ""); so_28183222978_49ee25c7a00299859724446.addVariable("swf_id", "so_28183222978_49ee25c7a00299859724446"); 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so_sound_player.addParam("wmode", "transparent"); so_sound_player.addVariable("string_table", ""); so_sound_player.addVariable("swf_id", "so_sound_player"); so_sound_player.fallback_html = " "; so_sound_player.write("sound_player_holder"); } catch (swfex) { }}); _onloadRegister(function() {placeholderSetup("status_placeholder_input_chat");}); _onloadRegister(function() {new ChatStatusEditor($("status_editor_chat"), "515063272", 1);}); _onloadRegister(function() {window.presenceCookieManager = new CookieManager(2);}); _onloadRegister(function() {window.channelManager = new ChannelManager("515063272", 0, {"MIN_RETRY_INTERVAL":3000,"MAX_RETRY_INTERVAL":60000}, false);}); _onloadRegister(function() {window.presence = new Presence("515063272", "Liz Taylor", "Liz", 1240344007000, 0, {"UPDATE_GRANULARITY":20,"BUDDY_BASE_TIME":40,"BUDDY_MAX_TIME":900,"BUDDY_COST_NEVER_SENT_MESSAGE":900,"BUDDY_COST_NO_LIST_CHANGE":30,"BUDDY_COST_NO_CHAT_TABS":30,"BUDDY_COST_CHAT_ACTIVITY":180,"BUDDY_COST_VIEW_ACTIVITY":180,"BUDDY_COST_PAGE_ACTIVITY":180,"BUDDY_MAX_ACTIVITY_MINS":180,"BUDDY_MAX_AVAIL_COOKIE":20,"BUDDY_VIEW_FETCH_WINDOW":120,"NOTIFICATIONS_PIGGYBACK_PERCENTAGE":25,"CHAT_UI_COOKIE_CACHE_WINDOW":10}, "http:\/\/\/presence\/popout.php");}); _onloadRegister(function() {window.presenceUpdater = new PresenceUpdater();}); _onloadRegister(function() {window.presenceNotifications = new ChatNotifications(0, 0, 1240344007000, {}, 0, 0);}); _onloadRegister(function() {window.applicationDock = new ApplicationDock({"2305272732":{"name":"Photos","href":"http:\/\/\/photos\/?ref=sb","icon":"http:\/\/\/images\/app_icons\/photo.gif?8:39263","class":"photos_app_link","new_icon":"http:\/\/\/images\/icons\/photo.gif?8:25796","order":1},"2361831622":{"name":"Groups","href":"http:\/\/\/groups.php?ref=sb","icon":"http:\/\/\/images\/app_icons\/group.gif?8:39263","class":"groups_app_link","new_icon":"http:\/\/\/images\/icons\/group.gif?8:25796","order":2},"2344061033":{"name":"Events","href":"http:\/\/\/events.php?ref=sb","icon":"http:\/\/\/images\/app_icons\/event.gif?8:39263","class":"events_app_link","new_icon":"http:\/\/\/images\/icons\/event.gif?8:25796","order":3},"128581025231":{"name":"Marketplace","href":"http:\/\/\/marketplace\/searchapp\/?cm_mmc=Bookmark-_-bookmark-_-bookmark-_-search&_fb_fromhash=c340d3fa54851ac553bacdb2fdf7ef76","icon":"http:\/\/\/photos-ak-sf2p\/v43\/155\/128581025231\/app_4_128581025231_9860.gif","new_icon":"http:\/\/\/photos-ak-sf2p\/v43\/155\/128581025231\/app_2_128581025231_9523.gif","order":4},"2309869772":{"name":"Links","href":"http:\/\/\/posted.php?ref=sb","icon":"http:\/\/\/images\/app_icons\/post.gif?8:39263","class":"posted_app_link","new_icon":"http:\/\/\/images\/icons\/post.gif?8:26575","order":5},"2347471856":{"name":"Notes","href":"http:\/\/\/notes.php?ref=sb","icon":"http:\/\/\/images\/app_icons\/note.gif?8:39263","class":"notes_app_link","new_icon":"http:\/\/\/images\/icons\/note.gif?8:149928","order":6},"2386512837":{"name":"Gifts","href":"http:\/\/\/giftshop.php?ref=sb","icon":"http:\/\/\/images\/app_icons\/gift.gif?8:117008","class":"giftbox_app_link","new_icon":"http:\/\/\/images\/icons\/gift.gif?8:32236","order":7}}).setBookmarkableApp({}, 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