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Date Posted:02/02/2010 12:28 PMCopy HTML

I know identity theft is a concern.

This is the way they accomplish it over the internet.

I received this email this morning...It looks kosher...

I am vigilant with any emails but looking at the header and the email addy it really looked 'real'. (I knew it wasn't)

Upon checking, this is a sophisticated method of obtaining information....It takes the 'curious' to a site that will gather your information without you knowing it.

NEVER ever click on anything in emails, no matter how real they look, unless you have initiated the email request.

The likelihood of them entering a private site randomly is very small....they use THESE methods to get their information...

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June 25, 2009

Revenue warning over tax rebate fraud

Fraudsters are targeting taxpayers with a sophisticated online scam

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HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is warning people not to fall for a scam email that suggests the recipient is eligible for a tax refund.

Several readers have contacted Timesonline this week after receiving the messages, which claims personal details such as date of birth and credit card numbers have to be revealed before the money can be repaid. One reader described it as "extremely realistic."

It begins:

"Dear Applicant. After the last annual calculation of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of ...."  

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A spokesman for the Revenue said: "HMRC would not inform customers of a tax rebate via email, or invite them to complete an online form to receive a rebate of tax. Do not visit the website contained within the email or disclose any personal or payment information."

The fraudulent email is the latest in a series of scam messages that have been sent out claiming to be from HMRC. Another email doing the rounds is one that claims that HMRC has approved the recipient to receive money.

Email addresses used to distribute the fraudulent emails include:

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Re:Beware Of These Emails!

Date Posted:02/02/2010 19:17 PMCopy HTML

thanks liz for info  re: beware of emails. love sis.
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Re:Beware Of These Emails!

Date Posted:02/05/2010 02:02 AMCopy HTML

got your measage liz,

thank you,i will beaware of these emails.

how is brian doing, let me know.

love sis. xxxx

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Re:Beware Of These Emails!

Date Posted:02/15/2010 00:22 AMCopy HTML

Hi Anne and Christine, Happy birthday to you both. Hope all is well. Anne dont be giving your staff a hard time if they screw up, and not meeting your expectations at your next function.

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