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All The Mums!
Wishing you a Happy Mothers Day
Remembering all the Mums no longer with us.

Love to you mum on Mothers Day

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Date Posted:05/02/2009 12:33 PMCopy HTML


Ed & Thalias house? (didn't recognise it!)


Our first house in Bury st Edmonds 1968. 



Derby Rd Alley

Ed's treat 08 (Still have all your miniatures Ed!..I remember when you started saving those from your world trip on the Orsova around 1960 want it?

Jodna says:

Liz, you asked where the flour sieve was? It is the radiator grill mesh. also the radio antenna, are bycicle spokes. Everything has got more than one use. Just figuering out WHAT?
Posted on 05/01/2009 07:27 AM

Thanks Alex....I have no idea why I would remember that...I guess I had empathy for Joan trying to do her baking!


Jodna says:

The maple leaf in the frame, was hammered out by dad (Ted) out of a piece of my copper water pipe. This inspired me to build the truck, from brass, copper, and aluminun. Took about 3 years to build.(he picked up a maple leaf in the fall and scribed it on the copper after flattening it)then cut it out with tin snips.
Posted on 04/30/2009 19:59 PM

I rmember dad making lots of plates like that Alex...I can't see the Maple leaf...where is it?

Jodna says:

Joan, enjoying herself during the Carnival cruise. few years ago.

What a smashing pic of 'our' Joan!

Jodna says:

Liz giving me a repremand for being bossy?

No more than you deserve!

Jodna says:

Liz visit with us, after a day of painting, looks plumb tuckered out?

Where had I been working? Pointsetta makes it seem near Christmas but only remember doing jobs outside near you...



Jodna says:

I did not get water flowing fast enough from pumper, Lightening struck the antenna, and caused the fire.

Was anyone living there?  Did it burn down totally?
I remember when we were in the farmhouse and we were sat round the campfire and the fire department came down the driveway...YOU on the way back from another fire!


Jodna says:

SWAT Team visited FD. And let us review there arsenal of equipment, and have hands on.

You look a little too comfortable with that gun Alex!





Jodna says:

JJ Telling us a story, when visiting with us.


Smashing pics Alex...


Do you have any of your miniature car collection and one of Glencastle Square?

I'm living in the same type of house now and just wanted to compare!

How about some pics of the stuff that Joan does/did?

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Re:Alex New Pics Added to 'Photos'

Date Posted:05/05/2009 23:09 PMCopy HTML

Hello all
Been a while since I've been on.
Thought I'd clarify the top picture is my house, the second one is Jason's.
Hope all's well
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Re:Alex New Pics Added to 'Photos'

Date Posted:05/06/2009 00:00 AMCopy HTML

Thanks Wendy!...Alex didn't title it...Guess he needs a reprimand!
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Re:Alex New Pics Added to 'Photos'

Date Posted:01/22/2011 03:40 AMCopy HTML


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